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About Facsimile Magazine

Admiring every generations' experiences with information saturation, Facsimile Magazine enjoys exploring the patient overlapping nature of history, ego-bending substream cultures and synchronous rhythms across time & space. We hope you will come on this journey together with us...

Facsimile Magazine is published monthly online and distributed under a creative commons license by Haoyan of America, the magazine is often abbreviated as Facsimile or Fax Mag.

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Contributors include:

Noah Sparkes, Biata Roytburd, Kyle Cylde, Becca Pollak, Emily Becklin, Eric Zamzow, Jesus Raptor, Julia Rommel, Dimitri St. Oops, Frater Chelvis 3°, Brendan Threadgill, Jon Cates, Julia Tcharfas, Justin Lee, Zachary Sluser, Matt Thiesen, Charlie, Rachel Higgins, Zachary Leener, Lia Trinka-Browner, Jess Minckley, Gail Boykewich, Emily Mast, Melody Morgan, Nick Lucking, Chris Anderko, Andrew Choate, Chau Chan Truong, Colin Adams, Heather Rasmussen, Awesome Radeem, Lucrecia Roa, Katie Herzog...

Facsimile or Fallacy?

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Facsimile Magazine provides this website as a public service. This is a service that is continually under development. Some may find this material controversial. Facsmile has archived this information for the convenience of researchers and those concerned.

Copy listed in this website and the views they express are not specifically endorsed by Facsimile Magazine, Haoyan of America, and/or its advisory board. Readers must exercise their own judgment in choosing and/or reviewing such material and then critically evaluate any views or opinions the authors may express.

Any minor child should consult their custodial parent(s) before reading the information provided within this website.

Frequently Unanswered Questions

  1. How many USB ports are on planet Earth?
  2. Why are we still listening to mp3s?
  3. How are you defined by the websites you surf?
  4. What if everyone's right? and wrong?
  5. If everyone forgets, did any of this happen?
  6. Do you think i'd be doing this if i knew what i was doing?
  7. Why do people pinch the bridge of their noses when frustrated?
  8. When will everything be on the internet?
  9. Will Facsimile ever exist on printed matter?
  10. What is it? Is it (everything) fine? Is it mine?
  11. Meaning what will we be?
  12. What was coprolalia like before obscenities?
  13. When was humor invented?
  14. How long will our memories live online?
  15. If you're so bored, why not just go ahead and cry?
  16. Were fate and time ever friends?
  17. To click or not to click?
  18. How is that the question?
  19. How does one obtain two degrees in three or retical philosophy?

Subscribing/Contributing to Facsimile

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